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A Large number of people have a dream of buying their own house once in their lifetime. In a country like India, where the population is at a rapid growth, there is always a demand for the Real- Estate industry. It is one of the fastest growing sectors in India that attracts a large number of investments and also promises a large number of returns on investments. But this industry has become highly competitive due to the entry of many new players, making it a difficult challenge for the Real Estate companies in generating leads and retaining their clients. This Real- Estate industry is fully dependent upon the marketing and communication channel that drives more leads into your business by effectively showcasing the marketing messages to the targeted audience.

The Traditional route of marketing such as billboards, newspaper advertisements have become outdated as they incur heavy cost and they are less effective in targeting the profitable clients. That is where the Bulk SMS Marketing for Real Estate business comes as a savior for the Real-Estate developers and realtors. Bulk Text SMS Marketing has been proven to be the most effective tools that help the Real-Estate agents to turn queries into sales. This Bulk SMS Marketing is the best marketing tool to draw the attention of the audience as it has about 90% open rate that is too high compared to any other marketing channels.

Msgcel is one of the pioneers in this Bulk SMS Service industry for Real Estate Realtors and Developers. We offer a wide range of customized solutions and hassle free sophisticated services that enable the Real Estate industry to effectively communicate with their existing and potential customers. We help you in achieving your business growth by providing the best quality real-estate marketing services that enables you to send important and promotional messages in instant thereby enhancing the customer’s user experience.

Benefits of Using Bulk SMS Services for Real Estate:

  • Promotional offers: Conquest your competitors by attracting new leads into your business by sending new offers, attractive deals to your targeted audience.
  • Sales Support: Bulk SMS can be integrated with CRM tools to communicate your customers about progress in their homes, bond repayment approval, etc. Bulk SMS becomes an important communication medium between the Real Estate agent and clients to communicate important information’s at different stage in the buying process.
  • Customer Database: Along with the response rates of your campaigns, SMS Marketing are helpful in building a quality customer database for your business.
  • In-detail reports: Bulk SMS Marketing provides you the feature to ensure your campaign accuracy by tracking the open rates and also the response rates of the clients instantly.
  • Automatic Scheduling: Bulk SMS Marketing system allows you to schedule multiple campaigns easily that can be run either on the same group of clients or different simultaneously.
  • Instant SMS Feedback: Improve the quality of your service and the customer satisfaction by collecting the feedback about your services as a Bulk SMS.
  • Advanced Location Based Targeting: Send Location targeted geo analytical Promotional Messages to the audience who are in real-time near your locality to improve your lead-conversion rates.
  • Send Related Notifications: Boost your sales by sending Property Alerts, Promotions, announcements photos of the property, location, etc. through SMS to attract your interested customers.

Best in class Bulk SMS features

High Priority SMS Route
SMS Scheduling
Regional SMS
User-Friendly SMS Dashboard
Global Coverage
Multiple Routes for Best Delivery
No Time Restriction
Load Balancing
Automated SMS Retries
Custom Sender ID
24/7 Customer Support
Group Messaging
Instant Delivery
Ease to Use
Restful API

Start Converting Leads into Customers Today

Top Features of Good Bulk SMS Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is SMS Credit ?

    1 SMS Credit = 160 characters including spaces in English. 1 SMS Credit = 70 characters including spaces in regional languages smses. You can send SMS up to 1200 characters but credits will be debited respectively as per above.

  • You need to create a free sms account first and test our service. Once you tested our bulk SMS service, then you can raise a bulk SMS recharge request from your account manager. Once you made the payment your credits will be added within 30 Min to 1 business hours.

  • You can make payment to MSGCEL for bulk SMS credits using net-banking, debit cards, credit cards using our razorpay online payment gateway. You can transfer funds over NEFT or RTGS in any of our bank accounts.

  • We are confident on our bulk SMS services, but in any case if you are not satisfied with our promotional bulk SMS service then you can raise a refund request within 30 days of purchase. You will get refund for available balance in your account with the same price that you purchased. Kindly note charges for SMS those you sent and tax amount on invoice will not be refunded.

  • Yes, your SMS will be delivered with Alpha six characters sender id name like QP-SMSCON, QP-CONNEC, QP-INFORM. But if you have registered business and you want to send SMS to your registered customers then you can get sender ID.

  • Bulk SMS API is a code which gives you facility to send bulk sms from your software/ website. You can integrate SMS API in your business software or website. Then you do not have to login to our bulk SMS portal to send SMS.We will provide you HTTP and XML API code. MSGCEL provide's sample code for PHP, Java and C# for developer reference. Your developer can refer that code and integrate with your software. Kindly note we do not provide any integration services. You need to integrate with the help of your developer / coder.

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