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bulk sms Service Provider in ahmedabad

We are the leading bulk sms provides in ahmedabad. our bulk sms in ahmedabad with better, secure, reliable, professionalise services at low cost.

If you are looking for bulk SMS service provider in ahmedabad, MSGCEL is your right place. We are one of the best bulk SMS company in ahmedabad.

We tie-up with leading indian telecommunication operators to send bulk sms in ahmedabad. we provide sms services to all over indian companies.

A Robust, Reliable, and a new age Bulk SMS provider like Msgcel can only be the right marketing partner for your advertising your business in Ahmedabad. Whether you are a big company or a startup company, Msgcel is a credible platform that will lend a helping hand in your marketing campaigns. You can find many Bulk SMS services claiming that they provide the best services at the lowest prices, but finding a trustworthy and quality service provider such as Msgcel is rare.

We don’t offer Bulk SMS service of cheap quality. Our services are backed with advanced technologies and our company has consolidated its presence in this market for the past 15 years providing best-in-class services to all our clients. Our company is well known for its best in class SMS Messaging platform at a reasonable price. Though Bulk SMS services are hugely popular it is still used only by 39% of companies, giving you a massive opportunity to reach out to your customers.

With a trustworthy Bulk SMS provider like Msgcel, you can build a strong relationship with your customers and keep the communication channels on. Make use of our Bulk SMS Services in Ahmedabad today to grow your business and double your sales.

wholesale bulk sms services in ahmedabad most of the leading companies & sme are using our sms platform in ahmedabad, the platform can be customized for various industries like - BFSI, Real Estate, Education, Healthcare, FMCG, Communication, Broadcasting, Entertainment, IT, Tourism, Leisure and others.

Best in class Bulk SMS features in Ahmedabad

High Priority SMS Route
SMS Scheduling
Regional SMS
User-Friendly SMS Dashboard
Global Coverage
Multiple Routes for Best Delivery
No Time Restriction
Load Balancing
Automated SMS Retries
Custom Sender ID
24/7 Customer Support
Group Messaging
Instant Delivery
Ease to Use
Restful API

Start Converting Leads into Customers Today

Top Features of Good Bulk SMS Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is SMS Credit ?

    1 SMS Credit = 160 characters including spaces in English. 1 SMS Credit = 70 characters including spaces in regional languages smses. You can send SMS up to 1200 characters but credits will be debited respectively as per above.

  • You need to create a free sms account first and test our service. Once you tested our bulk SMS service, then you can raise a bulk SMS recharge request from your account manager. Once you made the payment your credits will be added within 30 Min to 1 business hours.

  • You can make payment to MSGCEL for bulk SMS credits using net-banking, debit cards, credit cards using our razorpay online payment gateway. You can transfer funds over NEFT or RTGS in any of our bank accounts.

  • We are confident on our bulk SMS services, but in any case if you are not satisfied with our promotional bulk SMS service then you can raise a refund request within 30 days of purchase. You will get refund for available balance in your account with the same price that you purchased. Kindly note charges for SMS those you sent and tax amount on invoice will not be refunded.

  • Yes, your SMS will be delivered with Alpha six characters sender id name like QP-SMSCON, QP-CONNEC, QP-INFORM. But if you have registered business and you want to send SMS to your registered customers then you can get sender ID.

  • Bulk SMS API is a code which gives you facility to send bulk sms from your software/ website. You can integrate SMS API in your business software or website. Then you do not have to login to our bulk SMS portal to send SMS.We will provide you HTTP and XML API code. MSGCEL provide's sample code for PHP, Java and C# for developer reference. Your developer can refer that code and integrate with your software. Kindly note we do not provide any integration services. You need to integrate with the help of your developer / coder.

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