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India's best transactional SMS provider

Transactional SMS is ideal for alert messages, remainders messages, Instant OTP Messages, automated notification and updated to your exiting customers. It makes easier to send bulk SMS all over India with user-friendly web Interfaces An official Information sharing comes via Transactional SMS Services.

Msgcel is a bulk SMS Service Provider gives cost efficient SMS Services for interacting with Target audience in a short time.

SMS Marketing enables business Communication over the mobile phones and creates new customer get in touch points for company and alert communication.

Transactional SMS is a Service messaging platform for sending SMS to registered Customers accounting to them, notification, account information, one time password (OTP), reminders bulk SMS, Payment alerts and many more important information.

while use Msgcel - Transactional bulk SMS Services makes you to feel great communication experience with you create access India with transactional SMS gateway service. We assist 24/7 for Bulk SMS API Integration in you application. Web or Software. we provide better quality of routing with secure bulk SMS gateway which help to delivery SMS frequency.

Inform the correct set of audience at the correct time with Transactional SMS With the number of information increase at a high speed, it becomes necessary to deliver number of information to the public at a right time. Sending the right number of information to the right set of public at the right time, and the biggest advantage of transactional bulk SMS is that they can be sent 24x7 with your own name / sender ID.

No Time Restriction
SMS Scheduling
Automated SMS Retries
Custom Sender ID
24/7 Customer Support
Group Messaging
User-Friendly SMS Dashboard
Global Coverage
Multiple Routes for Best Delivery

How can we use Transactional SMS?

Educational Transactional SMS

Inform students and parents for attendance, fees and other notification.

Financial Information

Update your client instantly for critical information like payment transfers, credited, debited etc.

OTP SMS For Verification

Verify user identity with instant OTP verification with our SMS API.

E-commerce Transactional SMS

Send updates to your customer for their order like order confirmation, order delivery, return confirmations at high speed.

Booking Information

Send booking information sms for gas, business event, air/rail/bus ticket, and doctor appointments

Update Your Retailer Chain

Send regular updates in pricing to your retailers to engage and increase conversion.

Order Confirmation

Send confirmation SMS to your users regarding thier orders or with the shipping details.

Account Information

Send customer registration details, login information through SMS.

Get connected with your customers with Transactional SMS

As low as Rs 0.12 paise per SMS

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is SMS Credit ?

    1 SMS Credit = 160 characters including spaces in English. 1 SMS Credit = 70 characters including spaces in regional languages smses. You can send SMS up to 1200 characters but credits will be debited respectively as per above.

  • You need to create a free sms account first and test our service. Once you tested our bulk SMS service, then you can raise a bulk SMS recharge request from your account manager. Once you made the payment your credits will be added within 30 Min to 1 business hours.

  • You can make payment to MSGCEL for bulk SMS credits using net-banking, debit cards, credit cards using our razorpay online payment gateway. You can transfer funds over NEFT or RTGS in any of our bank accounts.

  • We are confident on our bulk SMS services, but in any case if you are not satisfied with our promotional bulk SMS service then you can raise a refund request within 30 days of purchase. You will get refund for available balance in your account with the same price that you purchased. Kindly note charges for SMS those you sent and tax amount on invoice will not be refunded.

  • Yes, your SMS will be delivered with Alpha six characters sender id name like QP-SMSCON, QP-CONNEC, QP-INFORM. But if you have registered business and you want to send SMS to your registered customers then you can get sender ID.

  • Bulk SMS API is a code which gives you facility to send bulk sms from your software/ website. You can integrate SMS API in your business software or website. Then you do not have to login to our bulk SMS portal to send SMS.We will provide you HTTP and XML API code. MSGCEL provide's sample code for PHP, Java and C# for developer reference. Your developer can refer that code and integrate with your software. Kindly note we do not provide any integration services. You need to integrate with the help of your developer / coder.

Our transactional bulk sms service industry & use cases:

Transactional sms for ecommerce Transactional sms for Automobile Transactional sms for college Transactional sms for school Transactional sms for finance notification Transactional sms for Health Care Transactional sms for hotel Transactional sms for Insurance alert Transactional sms for ticket booking Transactional sms for pharmacy Transactional sms for Restaurant Transactional sms for retail customer alert Transactional sms for share market Transactional sms for Super Market Transactional sms for software companies Fee payment transactional sms reminders Holiday SMS Notification Admission SMS Alert Class timing Information Exam Schedules Information Bulk SMS Alert Study Attendance sms alerts OTP instant SMS alert Payment Confirmation sms alert New user verification sms alert Booking sms alert Confirmations for order received Appointment transactional sms Delivery Information Upcoming sms reminders Delivery tracking Birthday wishes Payment Confirmation sms alert Transactional SMS in Chennai Online Transactional SMS in Mumbai OTP SMS Service in Hyderabad Verification SMS Service in Bangalore Confirmation SMS Service in Kolkata Online SMS Marketing in Delhi International Bulk SMS in Ahmedabad Transactional SMS API Low Cost Transactional SMS Service

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