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First time in India!, for tower based sms broadcasting services

In today's scenario business function have different departments with the different target audience for their products/ service & marketers are not able to reach out to the right audience which further hampers the organization's overall goals.

Geo-Analytical SMS with the help of multiple operator based filters to choose from, lets you target the right audience at the right Geo-Location.

Msgcel is one of India’s Leading Location Based SMS & Digital Marketing Firm with 13+ years of experience providing unrivaled marketing solutions to all Indian Businesses. We are also Geo Analytical SMS service providers in Chennai offering this Location based SMS service to send your customers the right message at the right time to the right person.

Location-Based SMS Marketing is one of the recent trends in digital marketing to make your marketing campaigns even more effective and successful. We make use of the Network Towers to track down the users within a geographical area that you define by fencing them. By creating this Virtual Perimeter you can reach all the potential and targeted customers who are inside your virtual fence making your message reach the right person at their right time. This is setup is fully automated. Once the customer reaches inside your virtual fence your promotional messages are sent his mobile at an instant making him notified about your business. The Major advantage of using Location-based marketing is its fast delivery in real-time scenarios and high response rates.

This Location-based marketing also has numerous advantages of Geo-Analytical SMS which makes it one of the most effective marketing tool that you can utilize for your business growth:

  • Target local customers in real-time in your defined area and enhance your local sales. Your messages directly reach to the targeted individual customers
  • Help to grow your list of quality leads and potential customers.
  • Enables you to advertise on special occasions routing the customers directly into your shop near by location
  • Easy Proximity Location Management giving you full control to easily, create, manage and optimize your Virtual fences
  • Real-time response on how many people have responded for your message to keep you updated about your marketing campaign
  • Build your own personalized or custom messages and automate the interactions with customers via our Tower based SMS and OBD Marketing services
  • Full control of geographical locations within which your customers would receive messages.

Multiple operators based intelligent filters to choose from.
Enterprises can execute campaigns to the target audience for the profile like:
  • Reach Groceries Buyers from Tier 2 & 3 cities
  • Tap into the Domestic Travelers
  • Target In-market Smartphone Buyers
  • Target Affluent Fashionistas from Top 10 Cities
  • Target the Modern Family Heads in Metro Cities
  • Tap In-market App Downloaders

Targeted Audience & Location
35+ Target profile
High Open Rates
Increased Brand Awareness
Custom Audiences
Competitor Location
Better Engagement
Increased Efficiency
Event Targeting

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